Please find below some helpful information about the Liberalized Electricity Market in Bulgaria.

If you have any questions about what this means for you or how you can join the liberalized market please contact us and we will be happy to explain.


 The Bulgarian electricity market has been fully liberalized since 2007.


 Liberalization of electricity tends to substantially benefit large consumers due to the ending of the monopoly on prices and the introduction of competition.


 Currently there is both a free market and a regulated market operating in Bulgaria.


 A client can choose their electricity trader but not the supplier.


 The distribution network is owned by the Electricity Distribution Enterprise, which has an obligation to invest in the development of the network.


 The free market works with bilateral contracts between the participants and they become members of the balancing energy market.


 Since 2009 daily schedules for delivery of electric power have been in place.


 Currently there are two prices for balancing energy, a surplus price and a shortage price.


 Market participants are balanced individually in a settlement period which is per hour.


 The liberalization process follows the Third Liberalization Package Directives of the EU, related to trade in electricity and natural gas.


 Registration for the free market can take up to two months.


 Electricity markets in the European Union are governed by the Internal Market in Electricity directive.


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